Tourism in Cambodia

  • Tourists stay between 3-5 nights with 3 nights being most common
  • Tourists mostly associate Cambodia with Angkor, nature, and history.
  • The great majority of tourists read online reviews while travel planning (82.6%), mostly on TripAdvisor (57.7%).
  • Besides Cambodia, tourists mostly consider Thailand and Viet Nam
    • 66.6% of respondents booked Cambodia in combination with Thailand, 50.5% with Viet Nam, 18.6% with Singapore, 15.9% with Indonesia, and 13.5% with Malaysia.
  • Tourists mainly choose Cambodia as travel destination for Angkor (49.8%)
  • The great majority of tourists arrive by air (82.2%)
  • Most visited places besides Siem Reap: Phnom Penh (46.7%), Tonle Sap (38.6%), Koh Rong (13.4%)
  • Most memorable experience: Angkor temples and Khmer Rouge sites
  • 1 in 3 tourists write online reviews while traveling, mostly on TripAdvisor
  • Cambodia is known for its unique temples, people, and history
  • Most used digital platforms: Google, Google Maps, and

As the surveys were conducted physically in the city of Siem Reap, 100% of respondents mentioned Siem Reap as visited place. 46.7% of respondents also visited the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, 38.6% the floating villages at Tonle Sap Lake, followed by 13.4% who visited Koh Rong, 11.8% Kampot, 10.3% Battambang, 7% Sihanoukville, 6.6% Phnom Kulen, 5.9% Banteay Srei, 3.9% Koh Rong Sanloem, 3.7% Kep, 2% Beng Melea, and 1.7% Kratie. Numbers for Banteay Srei (5.9%) and Beng Melea (2%) might actually be higher, however, respondents did not always recall the exact names and considered most of the temples visited around Siem Reap to fall under the Angkor temples as part of the Angkor Archaeological Park.


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